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The perfect song for an eruption

Wow, at least the song happened to me yesterday. After the appearance of the x-factor contestants, during the voting, Sisters on Wire appeared with the new song “Running Out of Time”. It’s the first time I’ve heard a song, and I’ve already started to shrug off on the accompaniment. O-H-O. Oh, what a beautiful song…

Well, then, at the end of the X-factor, of course, well, I thought, I’ll listen before bedtime. Those songs where I heard it for the first time I heard it, I was already grinning.

And for the kids… It’s when sadness, longing engulfed. There’s that song, like waves like this, little by little, as if it’s putting everything out from deep down where it hurts. Ojojoj.

I put it on the repeat.


I cried.

Because of that running time. For the sake of an eternity that will not exist.

For the beautiful year that has come to an end.

What a perfect, beautiful year it was. U.S.C. Friendships, love. Family, children. Friends. His own man.

It’s va va, and now, the end of these beauties. The kids grew up like that, so little they needed me. We can even go out tonight after leaving the kids.

Freedom, you’ll say?

Oh, when I had freedom, it was laabai bad, freedom affects me badly.

Nu his, this and everything else came out like sand between his fingers. Climbing, hiking, orienteering, friends, did not maintain and friendship with one’s own person.

Well, that’s the last point that’s obviously what I’ve done the most. Because come on as unfair as it is, well how can I dislike someone here. The end of the world.

What else.

It’s sad that I don’t want anything.

Pancake, well what to want in life here. I DON’T KNOW.

What do I want nothing? I don’t want to work, I don’t want to tidy up the house. I don’t want to check the children’s work. I don’t want to cook. Wouldn’t. Even on the couch in the evenings, I don’t want to sit and watch TV.

It’s easy to want something I can’t. Because I can’t anyway, ha. That’s how I want to exercise because it hurts, I can’t. Pancake, wouldn’t hurt anything, and I wouldn’t want to play sports.

I don’t really want to go on a ski trip. Ah, nu.

That’s it, I’ve been so successful in crying, because of that terrible frightening emptiness, and that so much pain when you love and you don’t love back. No, there are no words for it, I keep correcting it, well whatever it is, whether I write one way or another.

Well okay, I figured out what I’d like. So of course, to save the world. Only on one condition – without biting a finger and without much effort. Funny, anne.

Well, I’d still like a passion for some kind of activity. To make it seem that it is worth the effort. After all, such passions happen to people? But I’m afraid not many are so…






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