Margaret Atwood CERTIFICATES



To die or not to die is not a choice, but how and when – I can. Isn’t that a kind of freedom?

I think everybody has been clear about this book for a long time, so I will just write down the questions that came up for me as I was reading it.

…birthdays are like that – you wait for some miracle to happen and change everything, and it doesn’t happen.

Why are people so obsessed with reproduction? I am not talking about normal circumstances. But maybe it’s just the image that writers and film-makers are pushing? It seems that after catastrophes, after unfavourable circumstances, after the number of people has been reduced for some reason, the one thing that the rest of us can come up with is to multiply.

How do we recognise a better communal order? One that allows its inhabitants to leave. It does not need to close its borders to keep its people in. It is fled to, not from.

What is a society worth that willingly gives up half its potential? Half a mind, half an intellect, half knowledge, half experience.







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