I find the title of the cycle “In Search of Lost Time” very nice to me. The title of this book is also very beautiful. Maybe that’s why I chose to read. But definitely not – because the first part was not in the library.

When I found out that I could kiss the girls I met on the cheeks, I began to wonder about their soul.

I have long wanted to get to know this writer. Or at least try to read. I tried – enough is enough, more probably not.

… for although the event we desire never happens as we thought- instead of the advantages we had hoped for, we acquire new ones that we did not expect, so this restores balance…

Very, very, very boring. I very rarely do not finish reading books that have begun. Unless I have a very, very good reason. I finished this one – acquaintance is enough.

… but only youth is the only age when you learn something.

This is a young man’s seamless extended story about love, girls, teenage experiences. At times it seemed to be a meticulous, precise examination of the sufferings of love. It took me a month to be able to overcome all this otherwise not so much. And it seems like it’s going to take me an hour to squeeze at least a few sentences out of myself to share the experience. I seem to have understood why the writer is still known and read, but this is not for me.






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